Mow, a Beer and Save Energy - Video

Thursday 18th October 2012

Looking more like something that should be circulating Le Mans, but this is not a high performance racing machine just a lawnmower and an ideal 'man's toy!'

To be fair it is a little more than a lawnmower, as it is a robotic lawnmower that uses solar energy. The Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid is the worlds first automatic robotic mower partly powered by the sun.

So think about it - instead of expending that energy mowing the lawn you can let the automatic mower do it for you while you conserve your energy sipping a cool beer, plus the large integrated solar panel on top reduces the amount of time it needs to spend in its charging station.

The solar cells enable the mower to extend its cutting periods before it needs recharging. That means it will cut a lawn in a shorter time, while using less mains and extend battery life.

As you put your feet up, or go down the pub, you can rest assured the lawn will be cut well and in an energy saving way, if there is a problem the mower will even send you a text message if something unscheduled disturbs its operation - then you can use your phone to call the wife to reset it!

The Automower is suitable for lawns up to 2,100 square metres, depending on light conditions feeding the solar panels. If it is getting low on power the unit will even navigate back to its charging station.

Many men want sit-on mowers, as they imagine the fun they could have mowing the grass. The Automower is likely to replace that desire, although I am sure the first dozen times it will be watched closely and plaudits given on its robotic operation - the little boys inside will be so excited. 

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Thursday 18th October 2012

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