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Wednesday 21st May 2014

Solar power is turning up on many items, but here is a new solar powered product, the Skylock which is due for release in 2015. The Skylock is a bicycle lock, but is well advanced over your standard anti-theft device, and uses solar energy to power its batteries which deliver amazing features.

The Skylock connects with your smart device and can be locked or unlocked through an app. It also has an Auto setting - Auto-Unlock senses when you are approaching and automatically unlocks, while Auto-Lock will automatically lock the device once you have shackled it into the lockbar, without you needing to touch your smart phone or tablet.

What though if you haven’t got your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, as you can key in your combination using the capacitive touch buttons to also unlock.

It doesn’t end there, If you ever get into an accident, the Skylock app can notify your family, friends, or even alert the authorities, making it so much more than just a lock. It will even sense when it's being tampered with and send you an alert.

Plus if you want to share your bike it lets you share the location and access to your bike with anyone in your trusted network. You can create and setup your own bike share system.

The solar power is used, via a small panel, to recharge the battery, an hour of sunlight will provide enough power for a week’s use of this amazing device.

Watch the video below:

Source: Skylock

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Wednesday 21st May 2014

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