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Monday 17th September 2012

What do you do with used plastic bottles? If you are ‘environmentally aware’ you will look to recycle them, but why not put them to good use. It is not good to refill them with drinks as this can be harmful to your health - but we’re not doctors so don’t quote us on this. But how about using them to light the home?

We are not about to launch into some craft idea for encrusting that old coke bottle with sea shells and thread in an electric cable - there is a simple and environmentally friendly way to use your old bottles with renewable energy.

All you need to do is screw on a SolarBulb™ on top of your previously unwanted bottle. The SolarBulb™ consists of a solar powered LED lamp that fastens onto conventional beverage containers, which light up automatically in the dark, all controlled by a built-in light sensor.

Initially leave the SolarBulb™ in the sun for 4 hours, and receive 6 full hours of continuous LED lighting. SolarBulb™ has been developed by HyMini, we featured their personal wind turbine in a previous post.

Apart from it’s environmental and practical uses it is also well designed cosmetically with multiple LED colors and UV-ABS weather proof casings; the used plastic bottle is the only ugly part. The solar panel attached head is adjustable so you can turn it  towards the sun and you choose between mood lighting or night lamp.

The makers suggest you could use it on your porch or patio, in your garden or as a guide for guests to your front door - which is fine if your guests are used to seeing plastic drink bottles strewn across your garden - at least now they have a practical value.

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Monday 17th September 2012

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