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Monday 15th October 2012

As the autumnal weather creeps across the northern hemisphere heating is switched back on and the energy bills will rise - we need the heat but can we still save energy?

There are many devices to help and here is one to add to your radiators - the Radiator Booster MK3.

It’s a clever device that allows you to quickly heat your rooms in your house to a lovely comfortable temperature, while lowering your carbon footprint and your utility bills.

The Radiator Booster MK3 is actually a radiator fan that circulates the heat from your water-filled radiator with the makers claiming a 50% improvement in efficiency!

It achieves these results due to the Radiator Booster's fan system taking the heat produced by the radiator and circulating it around your room, or even your house, in an efficient way.

Just position the Booster on top of a radiator, you do have to plug it into the mains using a small amount of electricity, but just pennies. The Radiator Booster prevents heat being lost into walls and as such, heating up rooms quicker, meaning you can turn off the boiler earlier thus reducing your bills, saving energy.

Easy to install, simple to use and it saves energy, paying for itself within a short period of time from the savings on your bills.

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Monday 15th October 2012

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