Have a Gas While Cooking and Saving

Friday 7th September 2012

We generally post about electricity savings - not always - but electricity is more or less central to most of what we write about, whether it be saving energy or making it. Well for once, and being a Friday and all, lets save some gas - natural gas that is.

The Gas Energy Saver is a cheap, simple net like structure that fits over the gas ring on your hob and saves energy and money.

Gas hobs burn gas inefficiently, wasting energy and heat, while releasing unburnt by-products, which means it’s costing you money, the Gas Energy Saver solves these problems.

It’s a catalytic alloy disc, which fits neatly over a burner, the disc will heat to over 100 degrees centigrade, converting all the normally unburnt gas to heat and energy. It is simple and it works.

The makers claim the Gas Energy Saver will reduce heating time so cooks your food faster, with a typical saving of 12%.

So this weekend order a Gas Energy Saver and get cooking with energy efficiently.

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Friday 7th September 2012

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