Gravity for IoT Energy Savings

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Alpha Nodus, a technology innovation company, announced last month a revolutionary new software and hardware Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the enterprise lighting and climate control industry.

They have called the system "Gravity," they calling it to be a highly secure, all-inclusive platform that combines machine learning and predictive analysis to deliver energy savings solutions with lower deployment costs. In other words, it is secure and not likely to attack you after being hacked by some Russian acting under orders from his government!

Alpha Nodus recognise the problem facing the roll out of IoT, it is disjointed already, with many companies developing their own systems for management of building energy consumption - whether be Hive, Nest, Tado and others. They work with other technologies from other companies, but not all and do not seem to be interchangeable, hence islands of interoperability are building up. This does not hold out a good future for IoT and energy efficiency, for which it is an ideal solution.

Security is a big concern; a breach on one device can compromise an entire network - this means IT Administrators are rightly reluctant to have IoT devices in commercial facilities. The Gravity system though builds connected devices deployed without the need of a host network, using proprietary ultra-low power mesh - according to Alpha Nodus.

The developers claim that for the lighting industry it offers lower deployment costs, and for the energy saving industry, products can maximise energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Gravity offers free cloud connectivity, allowing for real-time secure 2 way communications, OTA firmware updates, and intelligent system updates at no extra charge.

Let’s hope Gravity pulls people in!

Source: Alpha Nodus

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Wednesday 8th February 2017

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