Energy Mover Ideal for Frankenstorm

Tuesday 30th October 2012

With the eastern United States suffering the full effects of ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy millions will be facing days without power.

So with a thought for all those suffering we bring you another gadget that could prove to be vital, and even life saving, in disasters where there is a need for power to operate your cell, GPS, USB Radio or other electronic gadgets and is hence energy saving.

The nPowerPEG (Personal Energy Generator) doesn’t rely on wind or sun so can be used in any situation as it generates power by collecting kinetic energy from movements, storing it in a battery.

Hence, as we move throughout the day, whether walking, running or biking, it all produces kinetic energy, which the PEG can capture and store for later powering of your cell or other electronic device.

You don’t need to carry it in your hand, you can drop it into a purse, backpack, briefcase or even a pocket, as the jostling of your natural movements will generate power for storage in the compact, recyclable 2000mAh lithium polymer battery.
It is a back up charge - it would not fully power your smart phone all day, unless you run a marathon every few hours, but it would provide enough power to keep it going during a disaster.

It is compatible with over 3,000 hand-held electronic devices, including cell phones, Mp3 players, gaming devices, GPS, and more. It is a hybrid charger, as it also accepts a charge from a USB computer port or a wall charger.

Once the PEG is fully charged it will keep that charge for 100 days sitting still, or will continually keep its charge while moving. If it has run out of charge, vigorously shaking for 10 minutes will give you enough charge to make a short phone call from a dead phone.

It is also tough with a strong polycarbonate frame and titanium casing and by means of a built in hook it can be hung from a belt loop or rucksack.

Here at the ESA we hope that the millions affected by Sandy will soon be connected back to the grid.

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Tuesday 30th October 2012

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