Dr Rosenfeld - The Father of Energy Efficiency Dies

Wednesday 1st February 2017

ARTHUR H. Rosenfeld died last Friday, aged 90, he was an American physicist who became known as the father of energy efficiency. He was encouraged to start thinking in the terms of conservation of energy, realising that so much energy was being wasted particularly in the US.

Rosenfeld came to the realisation of the importance of energy efficiency during the oil crisis in 1973. With oil prices soaring, with people forming long queues at petrol stations hoping to get a drop of the scant supplies, he started looking at how much fuel, and energy was being wasted.

Working in the University of California, Berkley at the time he started acting right away, turning off all the lights in the 20 offices on his floor at the university. Being a scientist he worked out the oil equivalent cost of leaving the lights on, so then dug out switched that buried behind cabinets and bookcases. So started his work on energy efficiency.

Having travelled for his work to Europe he had realised that Europeans wasted far less energy and yet enjoyed a similar standard of living to that of a very energy wasteful US.

Two years later he launched the Energy Efficient Buildings Program (which evolved into the Center for Building Science) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. There he started teams looking at how to make everyday appliances energy efficient and reduce energy consumption and costs.

Until 2010 Dr. Rosenfeld was the commissioner of the California Energy Commission board and presided over the Research, Development, and Demonstration Committee; the Dynamic Pricing Committee; and the Energy Efficiency Committee, whose main purposes are to promote energy efficiency and conservation, to support cutting edge research and, to look towards developing renewable energy sources.

His passing comes as the US administration seems to be turning its back on is work, but what he achieved will outlive the government as it has him - thank you Dr Rosenfeld.

Picture of Art Rosenfeld receiving 2011 Medal by United States White House - Still from video posted to the official White House Youtube channel: Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

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Wednesday 1st February 2017

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