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Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Inventor and innovator Trevor Baylis invented the wind up radio in 1989 after hearing about the importance of radio broadcasts providing education and information about AIDS in Africa.

He has been rightly honored and acclaimed for his efforts, and from our stand point the energy saving aspects of wind up technology are profuse - as we have reported on several products and gadgets in previous posts.

Trevor of course hasn’t rested on his laurels, back in 1989 radio was a major source of information, particularly on the move, along with the Sony Walkman and copycats. Now of course it is the digital music player that is dominant, so Trevor has kept up to date and has invented a wind up version, the Eco-Media Player Spin.

It is a high performance media player with a 2” colour LCD display, with its own internal wind up charger to generate power so running out of battery life is a thing of the past. One minute of winding delivers 45 minutes of high quality playtime and it will play for 55 hours once fully charged, it also comes with USB charging connections allowing you to charge a dead cell phone.

Once running the Eco Media Player Spin will deliver 24-bit Hi Fidelity playback of the major music formats including Apple AAC, Microsoft WMA, mp3, and OGG Vorbis.

Like many digital music players you can organsise your playlists into favourites, artists, albums or genres, and it also offers movie playback, supporting formats such as MP4 (H.264) and Windows WMV.

It has 4GB of internal flash memory, holding 2,000 songs, which you can boost with an SD card, increasing the capacity by another 4GB.

With echoes of where Trevor started, the Spin also has a quality stereo FM radio, with the ability to record your favourite shows - offering something many other players do not have but all with sustainability and energy saving at its foundation.

It can store your photos, has an inbuilt ebook reader, with support for audio books.

More energy saving brilliance from Bayliss.

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012

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