Cycle of Power

Tuesday 4th September 2012

Cycling is regarded as probably the most environmentally friendly form of transport, but the pedal power also generates energy, as we posted recently with static bicycles in a Brazilian jail.

Dynamos have been used on bikes to power lights for a long time, but a new dynamo system goes way beyond previous technology that would see your lights dim the slower you went.

EcoXGear claim their new product is the first gadget that offers multi-tasking power as the EcoXPower will not only power headlights, but flashing rear safety lights while also charging your smart phone.

The EcoXPower is made up of two sections, the main device itself attached to the front wheel hub of your bike where is uses the moving spokes to generate electricity powering the inbuilt lights.

The second part is a touchscreen-compatible water resistant case, which is connected to the wheel-hub dynamo by a USB cable, you can then put your smart phone or GPS device into the case and mount it on your handlebars and off you go.

What also makes it so much better than other dynamos is that the unit also has a lithium-ion battery which charges up from the system. The battery will keep the lights on and your phone or GPS charging for up to an hour and a half between bouts of pedaling, so stopping or coasting down hill isn’t a problem.

Also with the traditional dynamo you had to move the dynamo off the wheel rim to turn it off, with the EcoXPower you also get a handlebar mounted on/off switch for the lights, enabling the power to go just to charging the battery or charging your device.

So save electricity and charge your phone through your own efforts in pushing those pedals, get fit and some fresh air at the same time - the bike has upped the anti as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

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Tuesday 4th September 2012

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