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Thursday 4th October 2012

If you live in the more temperate climes, where the intensity of the sun is a little inconsistent you may feel that solar energy doesn’t offer you enough energy or energy savings - but how about a solar panel that is much more than a solar panel?

We are talking about more than solar energy, we are talking thermodynamics. Thermodynamics means that the panel is able to collect the atmospheric energy not only from the sun, but also the rain, snow and the wind, 24/7 every day of the year and even at night!

Thermodynamic systems use reverse refrigeration technology to absorb atmospheric energy, similar to an air source heat pump but the panel has a better coefficient of up to 7. The atmospheric energy is then converted into heat energy to heat water up to 55º C, 131º F.

As the panels do not rely wholly on the sun they can be fitted to a roof or vertically on a wall.

SKS Thermodynamics manufacture a solar collector that will absorb heat from both sides of the panel, meaning that one panel can often be all a household needs.

Another company producing thermodynamic panels and systems is the ThermogroupUK, both companies are UK based, which makes a certain amount of sense as the UK isn’t blessed with lots of hot sunshine.

A five year payback is suggested for the investment and case studies suggest they work well, without too many installation problems.

Saving energy at any time, winter or summer, night or day seems a winner to us.

Watch this video from SKS Thermodynamics:

Picture of SKS Thermodynamics system.

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Thursday 4th October 2012

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