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Warming What?

Friday 30th May 2014

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.” So says Juliet in Act II Scene II of Romeo and Juliet. ...

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Cool Beer Pit

Thursday 29th May 2014

Can you enjoy a cool beer on a hot summers day without burning up electricity or having to make a trip to the fridge? You can now, and in the ...

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Screwy Wind

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Rotterdam research & development company The Archimedes has revealed their revolutionary urban wind turbine, which could provide wind energy to the urban environment, including residential buildings. The Liam F1 Urban Wind ...

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Case for Energy

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Imagine a future in which our electrical gadgets are no longer limited by plugs and external power sources. Instead the case they are in could power your device, such as ...

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Energy from Heat

Friday 23rd May 2014

Vast amounts of excess heat are generated by industrial processes and by electric power plants, leading to researchers from around the world spending decades seeking ways to harness some of ...

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Beast E Bike

Thursday 22nd May 2014

Most E-Bikes we feature in our posts are reasonably sleek looking, or at the least a traditional looking bicycles with the added electric motor. Today we would like to put ...

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Locked In Solar

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Solar power is turning up on many items, but here is a new solar powered product, the Skylock which is due for release in 2015. The Skylock is a bicycle ...

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Air Efficiency

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Efficiency in air travel is a major target for environmentalists, with planes unfortunately delivering plenty of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Hence news of energy efficient jet engines is ...

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Climatic Military Threat

Monday 19th May 2014

The military of any nation should be prepared and well aware of the risks threatening their country. Governments spend billions on intelligence gathering, just to keep their state secure. One ...

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Silly Putty Battery

Friday 16th May 2014

Using a material found in Silly Putty and surgical tubing, a group of researchers at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have developed a new way to ...

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Window Sunglasses

Wednesday 14th May 2014

We usually post about absorbing the suns heat to generate energy, but today we are looking at a product to reduce the absorption of the sun’s energy. In summer we ...

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E-Bikes to Rocket

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Electric motorcycles have gone through quite a lot of developments over the past 18 months, with faster and quicker machines hitting the test tracks and race tracks. Navigant Research have ...

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Space Power

Tuesday 13th May 2014

Space-based solar power may seem like sci-fi, but an excellent concept as it works off continual, unobstructed sun light. It could at last become a reality, within 25 years at ...

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Offshore Gravity Foundation

Monday 12th May 2014

Offshore wind farms have been hailed as the ideal solution for renewable energy. Better wind speeds available offshore provides higher electricity supply, and NIMBY opposition is usually much weaker. However, ...

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Renewable Power House

Friday 9th May 2014

ALONG with announcing a major effort in advancing energy efficiency and solar power the U.S. President, Barack Obama, got in on the act by having new solar panels fitted to ...

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Tin Power

Thursday 8th May 2014

AN essential component of a new kind of low-cost, high-efficiency solar cell, is methylammonium lead halide. A team led by researchers at Oxford University has demonstrated that the lead in ...

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Footprint App - Video

Wednesday 7th May 2014

With the U.S. Third National Climate Assessment released yesterday, highlighting the dangers from climate change, do you know the impact you are having on the climate each day? What is ...

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Electric Dreams

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Saroléa may not mean a lot to modern motorcyclists, but they were the first Belgium motorcycle manufacturers and in fact one of the world’s first. The company folded in 1963 ...

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No Wire No Sweat

Friday 2nd May 2014

Imagine going into a food outlet to grab a burger and a coffee and not only do you enjoy their free WiFi to connect to the world but wirelessly your device ...

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